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  • How to Gain Expert Status

    In every industry today there are people with ‘Expert Status’ who effortlessly attract all the best opportunities...most of the money. They ‘Cherry Pick’ the best clients, gigs and fees, while others struggle and fight for scraps in the same niche/industry. If you’ve got a spare few hours this week, Award winning, best-selling Author Richard Mc Munn will teach his insider secrets for dominating your niche and making nearly unlimited cash by reaching this Expert status.

  • Proven and Tested Strategies

    PROVEN and tested arsenal of Amazingly Powerful strategies and techniques, a proven, ‘paint by numbers’ business tool-kit that is a NO fluff, NO filler, NO slick B.S.system for rising to expert status and dominating the sales in your space. As an award winning bestselling Author who has helped many people become recognised as an expert . . . Richard is a serious student of ‘Positioning’ and educates the seminar attendees with the very same tools he uses to dominate the markets he is in!

  • Experience to Guide You

    Richard knows what it’s like to start from scratch, from the bottom of an industry as an unknown and work your way up to the top. He can show you how to do the same thing. In 2005 he made his first entry into the online world with his howtobecome series of online career books to help job seekers get employment. From ‘nobody’ status- Richard was recognised as an expert in this niche and went on to reach the finals of the HSBC start up stars awards. More recently Richard has: • Become a finalist at the national independent publishers guild awards • Sold thousands of books online and offline • And become a number one best-selling author 117 times. These days Richard helps people just like you achieve expert status in their industries.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    How To Become an Expert in Your Niche
  • 2
    Chapter 1
    • Expert in Your Niche - Part 1
  • 3
    Chapter 2
    • Expert in Your Niche - Part 2
  • 4
    Chapter 3
    • Expert in Your Niche - Part 3
  • 5
    Chapter 4
    • Expert in Your Niche - Part 4

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